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Welcome To Pet Transport Service


At PET TRANSPORT SERVICE we know that your pets are a very special part of your family, and we treat them that way; with respect, love, and care.  We provide ground pet transportation service nationwide for "families only."

With the knowledge that all of our pet transportation staff and drivers are experienced professionals, you can relax and feel at ease. Your pets are literally chauffeured in heated and/or air-conditioned vans or SUV's. All of our transport drivers carry cell phones so we know where your pet is during every mile of the trip. We also use the quickest and most direct routes via GPS, the Global Positioning System. 

We only transport "families."  Whether you have only one dog; or three cats and a dog, they will not be commingled with other animals that you know nothing about.  They will not be transported in a huge vehicle that has to stop here and there across the country to pick up and drop off other animals.  Nor will they be subject to any ailments, aggressions, or diseases that these other animals may have. 

We are "The Pet Transport Service Professionals," and we prove that every day.  Our drivers do not sleep in their vans overnight.  They are subject to our strict policy of making sure that they get their rest just like your pets do.  Our drivers sleep in hotels that are "pet friendly."  We ask that you please keep these facts in mind when choosing the correct transport company for your family member.

Since PET TRANSPORT SERVICE specialize in transporting "One family at a time," you can be assured that your family member will get lots of attention during their journey and will have numerous opportunities for food, exercise and bathroom breaks.

PET TRANSPORT SERVICE will deliver your precious pet or pets nationwide, door-to-door, safely, and very happy to see you when they arrive.

Please call or email us with any questions you may have.  Also, please browse our site for more important information. There is a handy navigation menu at the left and top of the page.





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