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Pet Transport Services

We understand that your pets are an important member of your family. That is why we provide these special services to assure that your loved one's journey is as safe and pleasurable as possible:

One Family At A Time:  We only transport "families."  Whether you have only one dog; or three cats and a dog, they will not be commingled with other animals that you know nothing about.  They will not be transported in a huge vehicle that has to stop here and there across the country to pick up and drop off other animals.  Nor will they be subject to any ailments, aggressions, or diseases that these other animals may have.  We are "The Pet Transport Professionals," and we prove that every day.  Our drivers do not sleep in their vans overnight.  They are subject to our strict policy of making sure that they get their rest just like your pets do.  Our drivers sleep in hotels that are "pet friendly."  We ask that you please keep these facts in mind when choosing the correct transport company for your family member.

Global Positioning System:  We had mentioned earlier that we use GPS, or The Global Positioning System to provide the quickest routes to deliver your pets.  The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a worldwide radio-navigation system formed from a constellation of 24 satellites and their ground stations. GPS uses these "man-made stars" as reference points to calculate positions accurate to a matter of meters. This makes “door-to-door” delivery of your pets much safer and easier.

Carriers:  If you have requested a pet carrier, it will be delivered when the driver arrives. It is very important to order the proper size carrier for your dog or cat. To get the correct size, measure your dog or cat from the floor to the top of the shoulder, add about two inches for headroom. Height is only one aspect of comfort for your pets, some pets are long and you need to make sure the length of the carrier is adequate. They must also be able to turn around in the carrier without difficulty.  We use the Soft Tent/Crates exclusively because they are comfortable, durable, portable, and easy to use.

We Use Soft Tent/Crates Exclusively!

The following chart represents the size and rental cost of our carriers (Purchase option available upon request).  Please make sure that your pet has enough room to stand and turn around easily.  This is also in compliance with the rules and regulations of the USDA and the humane policies described by the Independent Pet and Animal Transport Association (IPATA).

Item Size L W H Rental
A Small 18" 15" 16" $20.00
B Medium 25" 18" 21" $25.00
C Med-Lg 31" 22" 24" $35.00
D Large 27" 25" 28" $40.00
E XLarge 43" 28" 32" $45.00

If you are providing your own pet carrier, please make sure your dog or cat is able to sit, stand, lay down and turn around easily. We highly recommend that you place your pet in your carrier prior to transport to make sure they haven't outgrown it if it has been some time since it's last use.  Wire carriers are not permitted.

Bedding:  Bedding is a requirement for the transportation of dogs. If you provide your own, we strongly recommend that this bedding is Scotch Guarded for the safety and comfort of your pet and that the bedding fit snugly in the bottom of the carrier. If you do not have bedding for your dog, we do have beds for sale which are custom made to fit the different carriers.

Food:  We ask that you provide food for your pets. We certainly wouldn't want to upset your dog or cat by presenting them with something they are not accustomed to and take the chance that they wouldn't eat.    If your pet requires a special diet, please have it ready for the journey in a zip lock bag. We use our own stainless steel food and water bowls. We also provide bottled drinking water at no additional charge to you.

Litter:  Your cat or cats will be provided with a litter box with premium litter supplied in their carrier for their comfort during the journey.  Litter boxes are cleaned and refilled each day with fresh litter.

Waterproof Padding/Beds:   This is a requirement for all puppies under six months of age. If you do not have this type of padding for your puppy, we have pads for sale which are custom made to fit our carriers. These waterproof pads/beds insure your puppy a comfortable, waterproof bed in his or her new home and are yours to keep after the transport.

Leash Walks:  All dogs are given the opportunity for plenty of exercise during their trip.  They are given a leash walk, usually every four hours. Please make sure you provide a properly fitted collar and leash for exercise breaks.



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